Directional Boring / Dry and Wet Utilities

We use the latest technologies to ensure that we perform our work with precision and efficiency and that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Temp Air Company provides directional boring and underground construction services to support our clients’ building, mechanical and energy projects. With directional drilling services, we can bore over, under and around buried utilities and under and around buildings to create safe and efficient conduits for gas, water, mechanical and telecommunications cables.

Underground Construction and Boring Maryland

Our Clients

We provide support for a range of vertical markets including institutional, commercial, healthcare, state agencies, and state government.

Mechanical Contracting Maryland


Our experienced support staff uses computerized project tracking to manage field activities. Daily scheduling and job cost reporting from the field allow strict cost control. We provide timely and accurate billings while maintaining the project budget and on-time delivery.

Quality Mechanical Contracting Maryland

Quality Assurance

We believe in providing our clients with only the highest quality materials and services. We guarantee our quality through our vendor purchasing procedures and incoming inspection criteria and our foreman and technicians who are all highly trained in the latest design and installation techniques.

Construction Health and Safety Maryland

Health and Safety

Safety for our employees is one of our core concerns. Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of quality assurance principles. And with a comprehensive and detailed safety plan (IIPP), weekly or daily safety meetings and required OSHA training, we are justifiably proud of our current EMR rate of 0.86.